At Novem, our goal is to create secure and functional apps that get the maximum out of your device but still perform great. We want to deliver useful apps that change the way you live your life.


It’s time to use your devices to get the maximum out of it and digitalize your life. Our first app is a way to digitize your wallet. You can add your customer cards, receipts and other things like notes. We also saw an opportunity to add a password manager cause we think this fits right in.


You can look at it like you would be someone that keeps a note of their password in their wallet. Or a note of their car number plate. At Peral, we put security at the center. We started from this point and this made us come up with an idea to use the newest encryption technologies and a digital key.


When you add your items, we create a single file that contains all of these items. This file is the center of your data. From the moment this file gets created, we encrypt it with the use of a unique digital key. It’s very important to keep this key at a safe location. We recommend you transfer the key to you computer and put it on a USB-stick. You can then put the USB-stick in a safe.


Your digital key is also saved on your devices. It’s only saved locally on your devices and also protected for possible device cracks. The key encrypts your data so the file can be stored on secure server safely.


The only way to crack the file would be if you first of all would be able to get access to the file. Then, you would also need to be able to decrypt the file. Thanks to the digital key, this is an impossible job. The key is so large that we needed to make it digital, that’s why you cant just write the key on a paper. But thanks to this large key, it would take a specially designed Brute-force attacking computer still thousand of years to guess the key.


To calculate the amount of possibilities a password or key can have, you need to count the amount of possible characters and calculate it to the power of the length of the password or key. So knowing that your key is 10 000 characters long and each character has the possibility to choose 1 of 179 characters. The calculation to know the amount of possibilities should look like this: 17910000. Now, this number might seem small, but know that this is calculated with exponents. We would like to show you how big this number is, but we were not able to calculate a number this big in any way. We can just say that if we wrote it down, the number would be so big that it would take many many pages with just numbers and no blanks. If you were able to calculate this, we would like to hear from you and also see the number in real life.




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