Peral Quick start

everything you need to know to know the basics of Peral

Download Peral

Download and install Peral on all your devices.

Peral is free to download and use.

We offer a free plan, a Pro plan and a Premium plan.

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account.

Download Peral

Sign in

The next step is to sign in with your Novem account or create a new account.

To connect two devices, you can use the scanner button and on the other device open "Device Connector".

Create an account

Save your Digital Key

When you finished signing up, Peral will ask you to store you digital key. Keep this key on a secure location.

This key will help you when you need to unlock Peral.

Your key is automatically transfered between your devices, but we still ask you to store this key on a safe location.

Export your Digital Key

Create your first items

After setting up Peral, you are now able to add your first items. By default, Peral automatically ads your Novem account, and Peral Master Password to Peral.

Start by adding your most used accounts and then add all your accounts, codes, wireless routers, customer cards, receipts and much more.

Enable AutoFill

To fully use Peral, you can enable Password AutoFill. This option is only available for iOS devices with iOS 12 or higher.

With AutoFill you can login to your accounts with only a few clicks.

Enable AutoFill











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